Adjusting MailScanner and SPAM settings for Hosting Email

We have enabled MailScanner on our servers for customers to use with their hosting email. MailScanner is a widely used email security system that scans for remote resources, viruses, spam, phishing, malware, and other attacks and might update the subject line based on that scan. If you wish to modify the settings, you can do so through cPanel >> MailScanner (within the Email section).




Here, there are several options you can configure:




This is where any incoming emails that are quarantined would show.


Email Black/Whitelist settings:

Here you can Black/Whitelist email addresses. Please note that whitelisted emails will not be subject to scanning. There are three supported formats:

  • name@domain.tld - this Black/Whitelists a specific address.
  • *@domain.tld - this Black/Whitelists a specific domain.
  • *@*.tld - this Black/Whitelists an entire TLD such as .com.


Other settings:

Scoring for high and low-scoring spam can be set here, as well as specify an email to forward spam to if desired.


All/Individual Domain Settings:




You can adjust the behavior for all domains, or on an individual domain basis here. Spam and Virus scanning can be enabled/disabled and delivery options for high/low scoring spam can be set through the dropdown options.


Once you have made any changes to MailScanner settings, please ensure to select the "Change" button at the bottom of the options screen you made changes through. Any changes that are made will be recognized as the server checks every 10 minutes, though it can take a few hours to see the full effects through your inbox.


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