DNS Flag Day

DNS Flag Day is a third-party method that is beginning February 1st, 2019 and affecting all registrars in the industry, not just Name.com. Here is the site

You can run your domain through this checker and the results will indicate if your DNS records pass or fail certain testing.

It is not necessary to check your domain through this site. 

Although our DNS management system does not use a certain protocol which may cause warnings from dnsflagday.net, we can confirm that our DNS records will continue to function as usual after DNS Flag Day and your domain will not be affected. 

If you decide to run your domain through this site and it fails certain criteria of the test, here are steps you can take to review:

1. If you are not using our Name.com's nameservers, you will need to double check with your hosting provider that the nameservers and DNS records needed for your domain are correct.

2. If you are using our nameservers, double check that your DNS records are properly connecting.

  • If you are connecting to another provider's product, you will need to contact the provider to ensure you have the correct DNS records in place. 
  • If you are connecting to one of our products, you can use the DNS templates to ensure it is properly in place. If you are still unsure, please contact us to review and confirm.

Keep in mind that we are limited when troubleshooting third-party's results, such as DNSflagday.net. We can only confirm and assure that our nameservers and DNS records are functioning properly, even if the test results indicate some failure. If you prefer to have no failure indications from this third-party site, we recommend updating your nameservers and DNS records to another source until you find the desired results. 

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