Changing and viewing webmail settings webmail offers the following settings within the webmail.

Personal Preferences
• My Profile
Update your personal details.
• Signatures
Compose a signature that will appear in all your emails.
• Identities & Aliases
Create multiple personalities or email aliases.
• Language
Choose a language for your account.
Mail Management
• Mail Preferences
Configure your email service the way you like it.
Access your account with email clients such as Microsoft Outlook or wireless devices, like your cell phone.
• POP Email Collector
Arrange for your other email accounts to be delivered here.
• Rules
Sort your incoming emails automatically into designated folders
• Color Coding
Color code your email messages for quick identification.
• Block Sender
Block addresses from which you don't want to receive email.
• Junk Mail
Choose how you would like to have Spam handled.
• Safe List
Messages from addresses on this list will never be filtered as Junk Mail.
• Alerts
Have messages sent to your mobile phone when new emails arrive.

In order to change and view these settings, please take these steps:

  1. Login to your email account on
  2. Click the Settings [gear] icon, on the top right-hand corner.
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