Setting up BL.INK Branded URL Shortener


BL.INK Branded URL Shortener is a digital marketing tool that enables people and businesses to “link smarter” by creating custom branded short links using real words, in order to manage their brand identity wherever it appears online.


In order to set up BL.INK Branded URL Shortener, please do the following:

  1. Sign up for the BL.INK Branded URL Shortener
  2. Click the MY PRODUCTS link.
  3. Click on the tab URL Shortener.
  4. Click the Setup Now button.
  5. Make sure the name and email address is correct and choose the domain you wish to use from the drop-down menu. Click Create Account.
  6. A pop-up may appear to inform you of a DNS change. The domain will need to add the listed A record in order to properly function. If you agree to connect the domain to the URL shortener, click OK.
  7. Your account is now set up and the continues setup will be done in your BL.INK account! You can log in to your BL.INK account by clicking the Log into BL.INK-button on the top right-hand side and continue setup the product.

For any support-related inquiries, pertaining to your BL.INK account, please contact BL.INK support!

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