TLD Launch phase

When a new TLD is launched there are multiple different phases. While the phases may be slighlty different for different TLD's, they generally look like this:
  • Sunrise
  • Landrush / Early Access Program (EAP)
  • Pre-registrations
  • General Availability (GA)
Sunrise: This phase is limited to customers who have a trademark on the name.  With Sunrise there is an application fee on top of the registration fee.  In order to make this purchase, the customer will have to have an SMD file that they provide on checkout.  You can learn more about SMD files here: SMD Information
Landrush / EAP:  Most registries use EAP where the phase lasts about 7 days and every day the price is reduced daily. There is only one EAP per domain so this is a first come first serve. Waiting will reduce the cost, but you can also stand losing out on the domain. There are no restrictions (such as trademark/copyright) on who can purchase a domain in Landrush or Landrush EAP.
Pre-registration: A pre-registration behaves very similar to a backorder. Customer can purchase the opportunity for to try and register the domain on your behalf when the TLD goes live in General Availability. This is a first come first serve when the domain is released, which means we cannot guarantee we will be able to acquire the domain on your behalf. Customers recieve a full refund in the event that we cannot secure it on their behalf.
General availability: The TLD is now fully released and everyone can register and purchase the domain on
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