HOPP by Wix

Hopp is a tool for content creators and influencers to boost their reach and communication with their followers. It includes a link in the bio tool that you can add to your social media bios. This is a landing page containing links to content relevant to your business. Which could be linked to your website, a video, or even an affiliate discount link.


To start, log into your account to make the purchase. 

  1. Please go to "Link in Bio" in the "Get Started" nav bar.
  2. Click "Start for free" to put the product in your cart. 
  3. Once you've checked out the product, you can find it on your "My Products" page
  4. Click "View all sites" to access HOPP management page 

You can try HOPP for free. Once you upgrade the product, you can get a free .link or .bio domain.

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If you have any billing or account-related issues, please reach out to our support team.

Please direct all site-related issues to Wix Support




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