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As the internet becomes a larger part of our everyday life, the need for online security is more important than ever. According to Symantec, 97% of websites today lack basic security. In our effort to improve online security for our customers, is offering FREE SSL certificates when you sign up for one of our hosting plans. This is done in part with Symantec's Encryption Everywhere program which strives to encrypt data for websites and their users to create a safer, more secure web. No extra work is required: We'll install the SSL certificate on your behalf within 24 hours of setting up your hosting plan. The certificate covers the subdomain "www" as well as the naked domain (without www).

Why do you need a SSL certificate?

Keeping a website safe is not only relevant for those who handle online payments or store sensitive data. Anyone with a website can be a target for hackers. 90% of large European organizations and 75% of small and medium enterprises have been breached at some point, while 75% of all websites on the internet have critical vulnerabilities, Symantec reports.

Hackers have incentive to hack websites even if there is no relevant data to retrieve—and every online interaction is an potential opportunity. A hacked website can result in unwanted-downtime and lost data, which can be very time consuming (and thus costly) to restore. Hackers can also modify or change data on a website for cookie hijacking, password interception, and more, which can have devastating effects for customers if the changes go unnoticed.

SSL certificates address the majority of security vulnerabilities and add additional layers of security to your website. Encrypted email also means secure correspondence and prevents the information from being sent in clear text and intercepted. With SSL installed, viewers will see a green lock in the address bar, inspiring trust and telling them that your website is secure, safe, and legitimate. It also provides your website with organic search benefits and could help boost your SEO rankings.

Why thinks security is important

We at want to do our part in keeping our customers and the internet safer—and that starts with an encrypted website. With more websites protected by an SSL certificate, it makes for a much safer environment in which where we can all thrive and focus on things like creating content and online interactions without having to worry about threats, downtime, and unwanted costs. With no additional fees or extra work required, our free SSL certificates can make you a safer, and happier, website owner. 

Get a free SSL certificate when you sign up for hosting.

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