SSL Pending a final manual review. [internal]


Sometimes certificates needs to be manually reviewed by Geotrust. True business and Secure Site certificates typically always need this manually review, while RapidSSL does occasionally if they are cancelled and re-purchased within a short time or anything appear to be out of the ordinary.

A message will appear in red text, explaining that the certificate is under review, and to contact us [] if they have any questions. We do not handle the review. Geotrust will send an email to the email address on file and ask for documentation and proof or ownership. The customer is responsible for replying to the email and provide the documentation asked. If all looks well, it gets approved and the certificate get issued and the error goes away.

We cannot re-send the email, or change the email address on file.

The review is usually completed within 2 business days once they submit the correct information.

If they do not receive the email, got rejected or have any questions or concerns, we should direct them to geotrust chat, as they are better able to assist. Below is the link where they can get in touch:

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