Update email address for SSL Validation (and re-send) [internal]

Sometimes customer have whois privacy enabled when they purchase an SSL and that can make the validation process a little complicated as they sometimes do not receive the validation email. For this reason we kindly suggest they disable the whois privacy and then contact us back and we can update it. The system does not automatically update, which is why we have to do this. It is not clear how logn it takes the system to obtain the new email but my guess is 24 hours or less.

1. First lookup the domain on a whois and make sure the whois privacy has been disabled, and the correct email address is showing on file (admin or technical)

2. Look up the FQDN in the product Management tool, and grab the order ID:


3. Log in on the Symantec back end:


4. Click "Quick Search" on the left and enter in the order ID, which will pull up the certificate.

5. Click the Button to Change Domain Approver

6. Select the new email address to be added using the Radio buttons and then click the Button Update.

7. Once back on the Order Information page, click the button to Re-Send Approval Email.

That's it, the email should arrive within a few minutes.

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