Adding email forwarding to a email account

Email forwarding is a free service that allows you to automatically forward emails you receive through a email address to a different email account. This tutorial assumes that you have an existing email account. If you do not have email through, reference this tutorial instead. To enable and set up email forwarding, please follow these steps:

  1. Login to your email account on
  2. Click the Settings [gear] icon, on the top right hand corner.
  3. Located in the Mail Management section, click Mail Preferences.
  4. Located in the Mail Sending section, click Mail forwarding.
  5. Click the option Forward Mail To: and enter the email address you would like your emails to forward to.
  6. Lastly, select if you want to Keep Copy In My Mailbox, using the radio-buttons.

Note: If you have email, always set up forwarding through this method rather than using our separate Forwarding Tools.

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