Finding and updating your administrative email address

Sometimes our Support Team requests to receive confirmation from the administrative email address on your account for verification. We take the security of your account very seriously and do not want to do anything without your authorization. Therefore, it's important to know what administrative email address you have on file and to update it when necessary.

How to view your administrative email address from your account

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Click on the User icon (user-icon.png), located at the top right, open the drop down menu and click Settings then select Default Accounts Contacts.
  3. Click the Administrative tab. Your administrative email address is listed here.
  4. Input the new administrative email address.
    Note: You can check the box Make All Contact Information the Same as Administrative to make all the information the same in all four tabs. 
  5. Click the blue Update button. 



If you are updating other contact information in addition to the email address, additional verification is required:

(continuing from the steps above)

6. A window will pop up with the option to select a verification method. Click Get Verification Code, but do not close this window.
7. Put in the code and click Verify.

If you close the window with the verification, the contact changes will not save. You will need to make the contact changes again and leave the popup open until you enter the code and verify.


Note: These are the contact details that will be applied to domain names registered from within your account. If you need to change the contact details of a specific domain, you can follow the instructions at Updating domain contact information.

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