Referral Credits FAQ

What are referral credits?

Referral credits are a type of discount reward that can be applied towards future purchases through Each for each credit, you will receive a $1.00 (U.S. dollar) discount on an eligible purchase through

What purchases are not eligible for Referral credits discount?

Referral credits cannot be used for purchases of account credit, backorders, domain name preorders, and domain name transactions pertaining to a Pre-General Availability phase.

How can I use my referral credits?

Simply add a new domain to your cart and/or a product such as Email,’s Website Builder, or a Web Hosting package. When you get to the payment page you can use your credits to receive a discount on your purchase. More information here...

Can my referral credits expire?

Yes, your credits will expire if they are not used after 60 days from issue. Once your credits expires, it cannot be returned for use.

Can my remaining referral credits be refunded to my credit card, PayPal account, or to my account as account credit?

No, credits cannot be refunded to any of these payment methods.  If you do not use your referral credits within 60 days of issue, they will expire and cannot be used.  



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