Password Protect Directories

Occasionally, you’ll want to have information on your website that only authorized users can see. To do this, you can add password protection to the folder with the information you would like to be secured. In this case, when someone visits this part of your site, there will be a pop-up requesting a username and password, and it will not load any information until they input the correct information.

To add password protection to one of your folders or directories, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your cPanel.
  2. Click File Manager under the Files heading.
  3. Right click the folder you would like to protect.
  4. Click Password Protect.
  5. Check the box for Password protect this directory.
  6. Click Save.

Under Create User, input the username and password you would like people to use to access this directory. You can add multiple users with access, and you can also add and remove user’s permissions on this page.

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