Paypal Buy Now Widget

You can add a PayPal Buy now button to sell products on your site.

  1. Click Add content and drag the PayPal Buy Now widget to your page.
  2. Click the widget on your page to open the settings panel.
  3. Add a name to your product. This name will help you know which product your user bought.
  • Set a product price.
  • You can set a shipping rate here for each product or set on your PayPal account a fixed rate depending on weight or the total.
  • The first time you add a PayPal widget will you be asked to type your PayPal account email.
  • The first time you add a PayPal widget, you will you be asked to select your currency.
  • Save your changes when you finish.

    4. If you want to change the color of your button, click the Theme tab on the left and select another color swatch. Generally,  the third square of the swatch will be the color of your button.

If you don't want to change the whole swatch, just click on the cog icon of your current swatch and change the color of the third box.

Use the columns widgets to create your store. Don't forget to add a text widget to type the price of your products and an image widget to show your users what you are selling.

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