Adding Text

You can add text to any page.

  1. Click the Add Content button to open the widgets panel. Click and Drag a Normal Text Block or a Heading into your page. Text can only be dropped into the page body, not the header or footer.
  2. Copy the text block. Copied items appear at the top of editor window and can be dragged onto any page.
  3. If the text block is within a column, this icon opens the column settings.
  4. Click anywhere in the text to open the text for editing.
  5. Click on the Code Icon to see the code of your text block.
  6. The Style drop down lets you choose different styles for your text such as Heading, Quote, Normal text and Code.
  7. Select your text and then click on these icons to make your text bigger or smaller.
  8. You can select bits of your text to make them bold, italic or have a line through.
  9. You can add an image in between your text lines or change the color or the background of your text.

If you select 100% as the length of your text, you will be able to see it all on your page, but if you select 50% you will only see half of it and a button saying More that will reveal the rest of your text when clicked.

 Don't forget to Save your changes

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