Connecting over FTP

Though the terminology can be different, most FTP clients will require the same configurations. The four things you will need are the FTP/Server Address, the Hosting Username, the Hosting Password, and the Directory Path.

  • FTP/Server Address: You have multiple options here: You can use, the hosting IP address, or the hosting server itself (i.e. You can see the hosting server and the IP address from the Hosting Dashboard.
  • Web Hosting Username: This is the user name that was created when signing up for the hosting account. You can see it in the welcome email sent after you signed up or in the Hosting Dashboard. 
  • Web Hosting Password: This is not visible within the account, but it can be reset on the Web Dosting Dashboard page by following the instructions at Changing your hosting/cPanel password.
  • Directory Path: If you are publishing to the default domain the directory path will be /public_html. If you are publishing to one of your addon domains (Premium or Business accounts) the directory path will be /public_html/


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