Setting up Automatic Renewal for select products offers an automatic billing service to help you manage your domain names, products, and services. As long as you have an active Default payment profile, you can Enable or Disable Automatic Renewal for your products from within your account quickly and easily.

To enable Automatic Renewal for your products, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Click the green My Products link, located in the top right of the navigation.
  3. If you have multiple products, you may see different tabs for each type of product you have. Click on the tab for the product you would like to set up Automatic Renewal for.
  4. To the right of your product, you will see the product’s expiration date and a red or green circle. Click the Red Circle to enable auto renew. Click the Green Circle to disable auto renew.
  • Please note that some products, like SSL certificates cannot be automatically renewed. Products that are not eligible for automatic billing will have N/A next to the expiration date.

Note: By default, our automatic billing service will renew any products you have set to automatically renew 1 month before their expiration date. We do this so that if there is any problem with a payment or your payment profile, we have plenty of time to let you know and get things fixed before your product expires. You can change this setting from within your account.

Note: Alipay is not able to be used for automatic renewal. You will instead want to use a Credit Card,  Debit Card, Pay Pay or Google Pay. See: Accepted methods of payment and currencies 
Note: Account Credit can be used for Automatic Renewals, but a default payment profile (Credit Card,  Debit Card, Pay Pay or Google Pay) is required to be on file as well. See: Adding a Payment Profile to your account
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