Transferring Premium .TV domains

Transferring .TV domain names can sometimes work differently than transferring other domain names. Select .TV domains are listed as Premiums by Verisign, the .TV registry. You can view their full policy here. Premium .TV domains can only be transferred to registrars which are accredited for Premium .TV domain names. The list of these accredited registrars can be found here.

What is a .TV domain?

Certain .TV domain names that are generic or common words and one to three character combinations have been designated as Premium Names. Premium Names have the same business rules and grace periods as all .TV domain names with the following exceptions:

  • Premium Names may have higher pricing than standard .TV domain names.
  • Premium Names cannot be transferred, except to registrars which are specially accredited for Premium .TV domains.
  • The sync operation cannot be performed with Premium Names.


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