Changing your Website Builder theme (v7)

The Website Builder's Theme tab will help you make style changes across your whole site:

  1. By clicking Browse Templates, you will be able to see all the templates included in your account. You can change your template whenever you want.
  2. The Colors option allows you to change the color swatch you are using or edit your own swatch.
  3. You can select either a solid color, a gradient, or an image as your Background.
  4. Change all the fonts and font style across your site with the Fonts button.
  5. All the templates come with five different color swatches. However, if you want to use your own colors, you can do so by clicking the settings icon.

Each color box changes something on your template. Generally (but not as a rule) the color boxes change:

  • The background of your site
  • The menu and footer background
  • Buttons and links
  • Headings and dividers
  • Paragraphs
  • Text in the navigation menu
  • Lateral navigation menu (if any).

 Just click on the color box and select the color in the color picker below or write the HEX number.

    6. The background button in the Theme tab offers three options to change your background. You can either choose a Solid Color, a Gradient, or an Image.

    7. When changing the Theme Fonts style, you will be changing the style all across your entire website. Just select the kind of text you want to change.

  • Preview how the new font will look on your site.
  • Select the font from over the 35 options in the drop-down menu.
  • Choose between a normal weight, bold, or light.
  • Change the color of your font.
  • Change the size of your font.
  • The Line height will help you set the distance between lines of text.
  • The default letter spacing is 0px, but you can make it larger or smaller.
  • Save your changes when you finish.
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