Setting up a Profile in your Website Builder (v7)

The Profile and Contact details will help you set up your website more efficiently by placing your information where it belongs across your website. While you're always free to fill in the information manually, completing these sections may be more time efficient. Once you have pulled up your Website Builder editor, follow these steps to set up your profile and contact details.

  1. Click on Manage and then select Profile.
  • If the template you chose has a logo, it'll be replaced with the logo you add here.
  • The Business name will appear to the side of your logo.
  • This headline will appear in the feature widget (below the navigation menu).
  • The strap line will appear below the headline in a smaller size.
  • If you add an About us page to your site, the text you added here will be automatically placed on that page.
  • The copyright will appear in the footer of your site on all pages.
  • If you are going to add PayPal widgets, add your PayPal email here.
  • Select the currency of your PayPal account.

    2.  The information you add to your Contact Details will appear in the footer of your template if it's designed to appear there. In most templates, you will be able to see an email, address, and telephone number in the footer, as well as a Twitter widget.

 If you add a Contact page to your site, the information you add here will be added automatically to that page.

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