Making contact changes for .CO.UK

.CO.UK is managed by a registry called Nominet. Nominet has certain policies in place that prevent us from being able to update your domain contact information from your account. Any contact changes made in your account for a .CO.UK domain will not be properly reflected by the registry, causing potential problems down the line.

This also means that you cannot always rely on other Whois directories for accurate information on the registrants of .CO.UK domains. For accurate domain contacts, you'll need to search Nominet's Whois service.

How to change contact information for a .CO.UK domain

To update the contact information for a .CO.UK domain, log into the Nominet Online Service Center where you can make the changes yourself. You can also choose to opt out of displaying your contact information publicly through the Whois directory.

If you have never logged in to your Nominet account before, or if you forgotten your password, then please click the link below and enter the email address that you used to registered the domain.

One it has been submitted, you'll receive an email that you can use to create your account and manager your information.

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