Suspended Hosting

If there is a violation of our hosting agreement your hosting product could be suspended. Typically, these suspensions are temporary but can be permanent depending on the violation. If your hosting product is suspended you will want to contact our support department for further assistance. If the suspension is temporary they can remove the suspension and provide tips on preventing the issue going forward. We may also be able to provide a backup of your hosting content. Here are some reasons that hosting plans can be suspended: 


Spam complaints - Due to our hosting servers being shared spam activity can put all of our users at risk.

Resource spikes - Poor site optimization can lead to resource spikes from your hosting. Due to our hosting servers being shared these resource spikes can lead to a suspension.

Malicious activity - Any malicious or illegal activity from your hosting such as hacking or fraud can lead to a suspension.

Malicious content - If we receive complaints of malicious or phishing content stored in your hosting it can be suspended.

Illegal content - Any content in your hosting that is illegal can lead to a suspension of your hosting.

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