Refund Comodo SSL [internal]

This process will change in the future, but for now, there are 3 steps you need to take to refund a certificate.

1. Revoke the certificate

  1. Log in to the Comodo portal using this link:
    The credentials if you need can be found here.
  2. Click Web Host Reseller.
  3. Click Report On Your Orders.
  4. Fill in the order number or domain (or just leave empty) and click Run Report.
  5. Locate the certificate and click on the REFUND button.
  6. A popup should appear asking you to choose a reason. Choose the appropriate refund reason in the "Customer Refund Order" screen and then select "OK" when the confirmation pops up.Screen_Shot_2019-06-25_at_10.08.37.png

    Status should change to Revoked.


2. Refund the certificate on transaction page

  • Once the certificate is revoked it can be refunded. Process the refund and remove on the transaction page.





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