Cancel a transfer

Once a transfer is submitted to the registry and underway it can only be canceled by the losing registrar. If you decide you don't want to transfer your domain away from midway through the process, then we can cancel it as long as it's still pending. The transfer will pend over a 5-7 day period once you complete the purchase. cannot cancel an incoming transfer once it is pending and you would have to contact the registrar you are transferring away from and they can cancel it. 

How to cancel a transfer away from

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Hover on the Get Started on the top of the page and click Transfers under the Domains column.
  3. On the Domains page, click on the domain that is pending transfer out that you wish to cancel.
  4. On the Domain Details page, there will be a notification stating that "Your domain is pending transfer". To cancel the transfer simply click the "Cancel Transfer Out" link and it will be canceled immediately.

That's it! The transfer is canceled and the domain will remain in your account. 

Canceled incoming transfers are automatically refunded to account credit. You can use these funds immediately to try the transfer again.

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